Pichilemu Beach

Pichilemu Beach Chile
Pichilemu Beach in Chile

Pichilemu, O’Higgins Region, Central Chile

Pichilemu is a beach resort city in central Chile, about 3 hours from Santiago..  Pichilemu Beach is the main beach in O’Higgins Region, and is a tourist destination for surfing, windsurfing and funboarding.

Pichilemu is the home to five historic monuments of Chile: the Agustín Ross Cultural Centre and Park, the Estación Pichilemu railway station, El Árbol tunnel, and the Caballo de Agua. Additionally, part of the city was declared a Zona Típica (“Traditional Area” or “Heritage Site”) by the National Monuments Council, in 2004.

Tourism is the main industry of the city, but forestry and handicrafts are also important. Pichilemu has many expansive dark sand beaches. Several surf championships take place in the city each year at Punta de Lobos, which according to Fodor’s is “widely considered the best surfing in South America year-round.”

Every October and December, an International Championship of Surf is held at La Puntilla Beach and Punta de Lobos hosts the Quiksilver Campeonato Nacional de Surf (National Surfing Championship) every summer which is internationally renown.

The 3 beaches most visited by surfers are La Puntilla, Infiernillo and Punta Lobos. Puntilla, which sits just a few minutes walk from town, Infernillo with its tall tubular breaks and Punta de Lobos which ranks as the most consistent break in all of Chile. Other regional spots to check out include Matanzas, El Papagayo and Ritoque.

La Puntilla Beach in Pichilemu Chile

Located at the front of the Park Ross, is a very extensive beach, completely equipped with restrooms, showers, dressing rooms and parking for vehicles. It is ideal for swimming lovers and surfers alike.  Recommended for beginners.

El Infiernillo Beach in Pichilemu Chile

ocated 500 meters to the south of Punta la Puntilla, is this black sand beach with spectacular cliffs (ideal for watching the sunset).  Here you can practice fishing and a variety of water sports.

This beach is recommended for more experienced surfers, El Infiernillo is not as long as in La Puntilla but much more intense. Here it is possible to be surf when the wave has a minimum of two meters of height (with less size the wave does not break or breaks to close to the rocks ) and up to four meter waves are common.

Punta Los Lobos Beach in Pichilemu Chile

Considered the crown jewel among the region is Punta Los Lobos. Crossing 6 kilometers of a dirt road towards the south of Pichilemu, there is an impressive rocky point with cliffs and waves rather greater than in the places above and an extensive and beautiful black sand beach.

This beach, without a doubt, the most extreme place to surf, perhaps because the waves can reach six meters of height or a little more. This is not a suitable beach for beginners.