Playa La Virgen Atacama


Atacama Region, Northern Chile

Playa La Virgen Atacama is a Caribbean-style beach in the northern Atacama Desert and is known for its clear turquoise water and blinding white sand.

A rock formation that naturally simulates the image of the Virgin Mary gave this secluded beach its name and the locals believe she protects the area.

Playa La Virgen Atacama is a small piece of paradise and has been recognized as the best beach in the country and is located south of English Bay, in the commune of La Caldera. Besides the tranquility it is a great place to relax and unwind during holidays and vacations.

On this beach you can also find campsites and some cabins that provide electricity and water.  If you want a great ocean view you must book well in advance since demand is high.  There’s only one restaurant, but the food is delicious, the cocktails refreshing and the service friendly.  If you want to play sports, you can find diving, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, volleyball, hiking, among other activities.

If you get tired of the beach and the sea, you can visit the sand dunes and enjoy sand boarding and other exciting games there.

Located 70 km from Copiapó, it feels far away from everything. This beach is about 500 ft width and not commercialized. La Virgin is pristine and one of the best beaches in Chile, but only for those who do not mind being very remote and without any significant services.

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