Termas de Jahuel

Termas de Jahuel Central Chile
Termas de Jahuel Central Chile

San Felipe, Panquehue, Central Chile

Las Termas de Jahuel is located in the foothills of San Felipe, in a privileged natural environment which is 97 km out from Santiago and beautiful landscape with hills and low plateaus. The climate is the typical Andean dry, and its waters have a temperature of 23°C (73°F) . You can enjoy natural hot spring baths in mud, steam and swimming pools.

These hot springs have a composition similar to those of certain medicinal waters in France and the pleasant water temperatures are ideal for therapeutic treatments, heart disease, liver, joints, mental fatigue, respiratory, digestive and kidney among others.

The Baths of Jahuel are widely recognized internationally for its hot springs and fresh air and were even quoted by Charles Darwin in his visit there in 1834.

Apart from the baths of Jahuel, you can venture out hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, contemplation of the flora and fauna, and photography.

In 2005, Las Termas de Jahuel Hotel & Spa reopened their hotel with a new and upgaded modern facility, combining the tradition of the 19 century to the 21 century comforts. This combined with the highest standard of service, ensure visitors a comfortable stay.

Ideal to visit all year round.

Where to Stay
Termas de Jahuel Hotel & Spa
Address: Jahuel s/n San Felipe, San Felipe de Aconcagua, Valparaíso
Phone: 56 2 411 1720
Website: www.jahuel.cl

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