Termas de Panimavida

Termas de Panimavida Southern Chile
Termas de Panimavida Southern Chile

Linares, Maule Region, Southern Chile

Located within the town of the same name is the Termas de Panimavida.  Here you’ll find outdoor pools, spas, massage rooms, and hydrotherapy. The water temperatures are about 33°C (91°F) and contain various medicinal properties recommended for rheumatism, kidney stones, joint conditions, muscular skeletal, gastrointestinal and liver, cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory.

Panimávida is a typical town with a good tourist infrastructure, with options for all tastes and budgets.

Termas de Panimavida  is considered a place of traditional style ideal for families.

The healing properties of its waters have been recognized worldwide, the nearby Hotel Termas de Panimávida offers tub baths with the water in all rooms.

Due to its proximity to the Termas de Panimavida, the city of Linares is also another excellent option for visiting. There are many architectural attractions, including the Museum of Fine Arts, an old colonial house built in 1762 and the traditional municipal market.

Other sites and activities include the Laguna Maule, famous for its trout, fishing, swimming and water skiing, the people of Rari, famous for their exclusive and original horsehair crafts and Yerba Buena.

Where to Stay at Termas de Panimavida
Hotel Termas de Panimávida
Address: Panimávida s/n Linares, Linares, Maule
Phone: 56 73 211 743
Website: www.termasdepanimavida.cl

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