Transportation Services Santiago International Airport

Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport Santiago Chile
Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport Santiago Chile

General Information for Transportation Services Santiago International Airport
Airport Name: Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport
Airport Code: SCL
Phone: 56 2 2690 1900 or 56 2 2690 1752

Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport is situated 13 miles (21km) northwest of Santiago.

Transportation Services to and from Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Chile

To ask for transportation, taxis, car rentals or buses, we recommend doing it directly on the Airport Transportation Counters located at the right side of the marquee (tent) for international arrivals.

Official transportation vehicles will be parked in the Express Parking sector which is located on the west side for international exit and on the east side for the national exit.

TIP! Taxis will cost you anywhere between 15-20,000 pesos ($30-40 USD) and a bus ride will cost between $1400 – $1700 ($3-4 USD).

Our recommendation for anyone on a budget is to take the bus into Santiago. It’s a quick trip and you can get off at multiple metro stops.

To locate the airport buses: Once you pick up your bags and start to exit the airport, you’ll be solicited by a multitude of transportation services. Just proceed and exit through the airport doors. To the right, you will see the buses, namely, Turbus and CentroPuerto.

Public Transportation in Chile

There are many options available to travelers arriving and leaving the airport: car; bus; limousines and
taxi services providing travelers the opportunity to get to their destiny in a comfortable and safe way. The
airport has a wide selection of vendors that offer these types of services. As a safety measure,
remember to always select transportation registered at the airport.

Taxi Services in Chile

Official taxis, marked blue with official identification, are available from outside the airport’s ground floor
at both terminals, running to destinations in and around the Santiago

Taxi Oficial
56 2 601 9880

Radio Móvil Tur Bus
56 2 677 3600

Buses in Chile

Buses serve uptown and downtown Santiago. Minibuses departing from the airport offer a door-to-door service throughout Santiago.

-Tur Transfer
(56 2) 677 3600

56 2 2913 8800

Airport Buses
56 2 822 7448
Metro Stop: Universidad de Santiago
Horario/Schedule: 6:15am – 22:00 hrs (10pm) (24/7)
Distance: 45 minutes
Cost: $1,700 pesos

56 2 601 9883
Metro Stop: Los Heroes
Horario/Schedule: 5:55am – 22:30 hrs (10:30pm) (24/7)
Distance: 30 minutes
Cost: $1,400 pesos

TIP! If you are arriving in Chile and take the CentroPuerto bus to Santiago, you may want to consider the Parajitos metro stop to your destination in Santiago. It’s located near the end of the red line and isn’t too crowded so you can usually find a seat.

** NO Credit Cards Accepted – ONLY Chilean Pesos **

You can exchange money at the airport through AFEX but the exchange rates are usually worse. There are several exchange houses in Santiago and major cities and you can find better rates there.

Car Rentals in Chile

For those users who prefer to rent a car, there are a few reputable car rental services at the airport – here is a list.

56 2 2690 1370
56 2 2690 1383
56 2 2690 1513

56 2 23608781

56 2 2690 1233
56 2 2690 1489
56 2 2690 1386

56 2 2690 1382
56 2 2690 1318

600 2441 0000

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