Hydrospeeding in Chile

Hydrospeeding in Chile
Hydrospeeding in Chile

Also known as riverboarding or whitewater streaming, hydrospeeding in Chile is a new adventurous and exciting activity with direct contact with the water. Equipped with a water sled and flippers, you get to feel the thrill of the rapids, swimming the whitewater current.

Wet suits, helmets, flippers and a life preserver are provided.

A new form of Adventure Tourism.

Hydrospeeding in Cajon del Maipo

Just an hour from Santiago, Cajon del Maipo, an Andean canyon, serves as a playground for nature lovers. There are several canals that wind through Cajon del Maipo making it ideal for hydrospeeding in Chile including the swift River Maipo.

Hydrospeeding in Pucon Chile

Pucon is in Southern Chile where there are plenty of opportunities for hydrospeeding at different levels. One of the popular rivers used for hydropseeding is Liucura.

These excursions usually last from 2-3 hours.

The cost runs between $40 – 45 USD / $18.000 – $22.000 CLP