Beaches in Chile

Renaca Beach Chile

With more than 2,500 miles of coastline, Chile has some of the world’s most exotic beaches. The beautiful beaches in Chile have been compared to the Caribbean’s blue and turquoise seawater and many of the beaches are a perfect way to enjoy a perfect vacation on the side of the Pacific Ocean.

The vast majority of Chileans take their summer holiday seriously which means heading to the beach. Whether it’s in one of the beach towns on the central cost, the banks of a southern lake, or on one of the north’s deserted coves, the beaches are packed from late December to early March.

Strong sun protection in Chile is essential, due to the nearby hole in the ozone layer. Even if the day begins in a fog, the mist quickly burns off, leaving you very vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Be sure to pack a hat, strong sunblock, and something to cover you up. You might even consider a beach umbrella, often available to rent right on the beach. Once the sun goes down, temperatures can fall quickly as sea breezes pick up, so bring a light jacket or sweater as well.

Along the northern coast, there are hundreds of world class surf breaks between Arica and Iquique that can only be reached by a utility drive vehicle. Chile has a super consistent surf that is almost entirely untapped but ideal for bodyboarders and surfers at all levels.

Some of the beaches covered in this page will offer you a glimpse of what this amazing country has to offer. So, if you are planning a trip to Chile, make sure that you visit as many of them as possible.

With so many beaches in Chile to choose from, we’ve broken down a few here for you to check out.

Beaches in Northern Chile

The beaches of Northern Chile are warm and clear and some have been compared to the Caribbean.  For those unable to handle the cold Pacific Ocean waters, you’ll definitely want to head north.  La Serena and Iquique have expansive beaches and cater to the summer crowds.

Beaches in Central Chile

The beaches of Central Chile are much colder than in the north but this doesn’t stop people from getting into the water.  With the hot summer temperatures in Chile, it’s a great way to cool down.  Vina del Mar is well known to many tourist and not only do the locals swarm this beach but many international tourist enjoy all that Vina del Mar has to offer.. good restaurants, shopping and a bustling nightlife.