Popular Attractions in Chile


Chile is a country is full of exquisite sights and exciting activities to enjoy, and there are some must see and must do things that you do not want to miss. The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is six hundred miles long, and almost one hundred miles wide. The animals and scenic vistas that you will find here are numerous, and this desert is a great place to visit and explore. Another attraction that is very popular is the Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine in Southern Chile, a natural park that is unrivaled in beauty and lushness.

Easter Island is another favorite place to go during Chile vacations, because of the history and the sculptures that the island offers. At certain times of the year festivals are held here. The nightlife in Chile is one of the favorite activities, and the country has many bars and nightclubs, especially in larger cities. Shopping is another frequent pastime, and there are a lot of shops, boutiques, and clothing establishments in Chile. Patagonia trekking is also very popular, and some of the most gorgeous natural scenery in the world can be found in this area. Most Chile vacations include enjoying the beach, because much of the country is close to the sea.

No matter where you choose to visit on Chile vacations, you will find tropical temperatures and climates.

Whether you are interested in sightseeing, sports or spas, Chile is a wonderful destination to explore all the possibilities. From the northern reaches, the Atacama, to the breathtaking landscape of southern Patagonia’s glaciers, it will be difficult to pack it all into one trip. If sightseeing is on your itinerary, here are some popular attractions in Chile  that won’t disappoint.

Tourism in Chile has experienced rapid growth over the last decades. Chile has a great diversity of natural landscapes, from the Mars-like landscapes of the hyperarid Atacama Desert to the glacier-fed fjords of the Chilean Patagonia, passing by the vineyards back dropped by the Andes of the Central Valley and the old-growth forests of the Lakes District. Easter Island and Juan Fernández Archipelago, including Robinson Crusoe Island, are also major attractions.

There are so many popular attractions in Chile to see so to get you started we’ve created a list of that we hope will be helpful.


Lauca National Park
Arica Region

Cathedral of San Marcos
Arica, Arica Region

Iquique, Tarapacá Region

Mall ZOFRI Iquique
Iquique, Tarapacá Region

Atacama Desert Chile
Antofagasta Region

San Pedro de Atacama Chile
El Loa, Antofagasta Region

El Tatio Geysers
Antofagasta Region

Valle de la Luna Chile
(Moon Valley)
Antofagasta Region

The Elqui Valley
Elqui, Coquimbo Region



Santiago Chile
The Capital City, Santiago Metropolitan Region

Parque Metropolitano Santiago
Santiago Metropolitan Region

Cerro San Cristóbal Chile
Parque Metropolitano Santiago
Santiago Metropolitan Region

Pablo Neruda Homes
Isla Negra, La Chascona, La Sebastiana

Easter Island Moai Heads
Easter Island, Valparaiso Region

Robinson Crusoe Island Chile
Juan Fernández Islands, Valparaiso Region

Central Coast Beaches of Chile

Valparaiso Chile
Valparaiso Region

Vina del Mar
Vina del Mar, Valparaiso Region



Pucon Chile
Pucon, Araucanía Region

Villarrica Volcano
Araucanía Region

Churches of Chiloe
Chiloe, Los Lagos Region

San Rafael Glacier
Magallanes Region

Patagonia Chile
Magallanes Region

Torres del Paine National Park
Magallanes Region

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument
Magallanes Region