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Chile is a country blessed by nature both with wonderful forests, mountains, rivers, the ocean and glaciers. With that, there are plenty of sports activities in Chile to choose from. Some of the most popular sports activities include Skiing, Heli-skiing, Trekking, Climbing, Hiking, Water sports, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Eco tours and much more…


World class resorts in the Chilean Andes offer many possibilities for skiing and snowboarding. It’s no wonder that skiing aficionados from around the globe head to Chile.  Savvy skiers can take to the slopes between June and September when everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is hitting the beach.

Several of Chile’s best ski resorts are within a one to two day trip distance from Santiago and there are a wide variety of trails. It’s best to go midweek if you can to avoid the crowds. Ski season typically runs from June to October depending on climate and location. Check out some of the best ski resorts and centers throughout Chile.

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Visitors can surf almost year round in Chile and some continue even during the the cold winter months of June through August. The period between March and May is the optimal time for surfing in Chile, not only because of the relatively comfortable weather, but also because the waves tend to get bigger and the crowds of local vacationers and international tourists at Chile’s beaches tend to dissipate as the summer high-season winds down.

Chile’s 2,600 miles of coastline along the South Pacific Ocean makes it the longest country in the world and there are three major climatic zones from north to south. The north is dry and hot, while the central region has a mild Mediterranean climate. The south features chilly and wet conditions with strong winds. The Humboldt Current of the Pacific makes the ocean waters extremely cold throughout the year, especially in the far south.

Ocean water temperatures here fluctuate between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the frigid temperatures, surfers may want to pack a 4/3mm wetsuit along with booties and a hood. A good, strong sunblock is also an essential,since the sun’s rays are particularly powerful in Chile due to a nearby hole in the ozone layer.

Since the 70’s, Surfing in Chile has become increasingly popular in the international spotlight for its consistency, infinity of spots, huge, perfect waves, and crowds. For those looking to embark on a surfing adventure, the country can be separated roughly into three big regions 0yhdmc7.

As with all of Chile, the waves can and do turn large and powerful so be prepared with the proper equipment and local knowledge.

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Also known as riverboarding or whitewater streaming, hydrospeeding in Chile is a new adventurous and exciting activity with direct contact with the water. Equipped with a water sled and flippers, you get to feel the thrill of the rapids, swimming the whitewater current.

Wet suits, helmets, flippers and a life preserver are provided.

A new form of Adventure Tourism.

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